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Jeff Siembieda & Bob Brown from KOAT7 TV came by the track the other night for a challenge race on 4-9-98 check out my new page Also dont miss the Classic Of The Month All 24th scale tracks in Albuquerque have shut down if you know of any opening email me

Noel Smith

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Race Lane Home Page
Go To Race Lane for all your Slotcar Raceing.
Check out the New Great Holiday Gift at the bottom of the Race Lane Home Page
P & T's 4hr Slotcar Enduro
Volvo Station Wagon 4hr Enduro.
Hallooween Race
1999 Hallooween Race
RaceLane up date 2006 tracks are closed but soon to be reopend
P&T has changed names
Halloween Race
~Halloween Race
drag racing
New drag strip
KOAT7TV Challenge Race
Race Interviews
Classic's of the Month
4-98's Classic is a monster truck
5-98 Classic of the month
This month is the very rare Dynamic Cobra
6-98 Classic of the month
This month is a tracktor puller
See the porcellin dolls Roberta & Bobbi entered in the fair
under construction
The OutLaw Series
Roswell comes to race the OutLaw Series
OutLaw Series Part 2
Albuquerque Ivades Roswell for Race 2
Annual F1-Indy Race
Planet Fun sponsres annual Race big prizes
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1st,2nd & 3rd in that order at the GPUSRA in Witchata Kanasa,way ta go Will(on the right)

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